Adult Gymnastics & Trampoline

Program Description
This program is suitable for Adults

Gymnastics is a varied and diverse sport. The Hunter Sports Centre offers many programs catering for all ages, from the very young, to the young at heart.

Our Adult Gymnastics and Trampoline program provides adults with an avenue to get involved in gymnastics to further develop skills, strength or flexibility thet may require for other sports or that they have always wanted to learn to do. This program is suitable for all levels of ability regardless of experience.

No previous gymnastics experience is required to participate in this program.

Weekly Class Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:30pm-8:00pm   6:30pm-8:00pm      


Class Availability Key: Positions Available | Class Filling | Class Full

This is an indication only, please call the Centre to confirm availability

Enrolments open all year

Fees and Charges

Annual Registration Fee: $85 (includes a T-Shirt)

Term 1 ,2019 Fee $267.00 for a 11 week term (discounts apply for 2nd and 3rd child)


A non-refundable deposit on your first week to book in. Deposits are a $20 deposit off term fee.


The Hunter Sports Centre requires you to attend on a regular basis which is classified as one class every two weeks, if you miss two weeks in a row you are required to pay the equivalent to one class for every two weeks missed

Bookings are essential for all programs, please contact reception (02 4953 6366) to confirm your booking or for further information regarding our Gymnastics programs.


You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit on your first week to book in. Deposits are equivalent to 2 class fee if paying by the week which covers your first and last lesson or a $20 deposit off term fee.

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