Holiday Gymnastics September 2016


1 hr Gymnastics sessions 4pm -5pm, $16.00 each (suitable for children aged 4-12yrs)

  1.5hr Skills and trampoline clinics 5pm - 6:30pm, $20 per session ($17.50 for HSC members)



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Program will be available at the beginning of September  



Please note: Skills clinics are for participants aged 8yrs and older, trampoline clinics are for those aged 10yrs and older


Tramp and Tumbling: Includes Combination of Trampolining skills and Tumbling Skills.

Acro: Acro is a form of gymnastics that uses partner and group work to develop and create balances. Although balances will make up most of the class content basic tumbling and trampoline skills are also included

Team Gym: Based on the team gym style of gymnastics, during this class you will learn the skills required for this sport such as tumbling, mini tramp and group work

General Gym: Covers all areas of men’s and women’s gymnastics as well as trampolines and foam pit. A great introduction to gymnastics, in a fun environment.

Gym Fun: Lots of fun activities take place in this program involving use of the gymnastics equipment. This program will introduce participants into obstacle (parkour) challenges and team challenges using the different equipment in the gym. 

Tumbling and Tricks:  A great introduction to tumbling and acro in a fun environment. Includes use of different equipment around the gym such as trampolines, floor and foam pit.

Gym-Games: involves lots of games such as dodge ball, relay races, cyclone and octopus as well as a few team challenge games.  The kids will learn to work together in a team, and have lot of fun.

Trampolining: Suitable for all levels. Learn how to use a trampoline correctly, and perform skills safely at the same time as having lots of fun.  The program incorporates the Olympic sized trampolines, tumble tramp, pit tramp, double mini tramp, single mini tramp and foam pit.

Gym Mobility: Provides participants with medically assessed cognitive, social or physical conditions an opportunity to participate in gymnastics as a means to assist with physical therapy, social engagement & learning. The program is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness & exercise tolerance & to improve communications skills in a fun & safe environment.

Trampolining Clinic 10yrs + New to our Holiday program, The trampolining Clinic is a workshop style program for individuals wishing to learn specific trampolining skills. During the 1.5 hour program, participants will develop understanding of how to safely perform skills such as front and back landings, somersaults and more.


Skills Clinic: 8yrs + the ‘Skills Clinic’ is a workshop style program for individuals wanting to learn key floor base skills for gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and aerobics. During this 1.5hr program participants will learn progressions for aerial cartwheels, forward and backward walkovers, leaps and jumps and more