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Party Catering

Selection of 4 items from the hot menu and 3 items form the cold menu as well as one drink selection.


Hot Menu                      Cold Menu

Party Pies                       Fruit

Party Sausage Rolls          Lollies

Chicken Crackles              Chips

Pasties                           Fairy Bread

Frankfurts                       Hundreds & Thousand biscuits

Hot Chips                        Zooper Dooper

Mini Pizzas                       Cheese  / Vegimite Sandwiches

Fish Bites


Drink Selection

Unlimited Water and Cordial or Unlimited Water and 1 popper per child


Catering Available for Parents

Platters cater for approximately 10 people.


Hot Food Platter            $45


Pies / Sausage Rolls

Fish Bites

Chicken crackles


Cold Platter                  $40

Mixed Sandwiches

Egg lettuce, Chicken Salad Ham Salad


Fruit Platter                  $35

Seasonal Fruits

Watermelon , Rockmelon

Kiwifruit, Grapes, Oranges

& Strawberries


A range of Drinks including Soft Drink, Cappuccino, Tea and Hot Chocolates are available for individual purchases on the day orders are to be placed during the party child’s catering time only.


The Centre is an alcohol free area please don’t consume or bring alcohol along to children’s parties.