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Party Catering

Selection of 4 items from the hot menu and 3 items form the cold menu as well as one drink selection.


Hot Menu                      Cold Menu

Party Pies                       Fruit

Party Sausage Rolls          Lollies

Chicken Crackles              Chips

Pasties                           Fairy Bread

Frankfurts                       Hundreds & Thousand biscuits

Hot Chips                        Zooper Dooper

Mini Pizzas                       Cheese  / Vegimite Sandwiches

Fish Bites


Drink Selection

Unlimited Water and Cordial or Unlimited Water and 1 popper per child


Catering Available for Parents

Platters cater for approximately 10 people.


Hot Food Platter            $45


Pies / Sausage Rolls

Fish Bites

Chicken crackles


Cold Platter                  $40

Mixed Sandwiches

Egg lettuce, Chicken Salad Ham Salad


Fruit Platter                  $35

Seasonal Fruits

Watermelon , Rockmelon

Kiwifruit, Grapes, Oranges

& Strawberries



The Centre is an alcohol free area please don’t consume or bring alcohol along to children’s parties.